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Al RAIS Group Established in the 1979s and has been operating business in Qatar for 33 years.  Al RAIS GROUP has emerged as one of the most prominent and leading conglomerates in Qatar and belongs to the Top Air-conditioner & Refrigerator Trading business and one of the leading wholesaler/retailer of Household Electrical and Electronic Items and still growing in Doha- Qatar.

AL RAIS GROUP is an enterprise that comprises a wide array of services and business activities. Our various corporate divisions and subsidiaries encompass contracting, Home appliances, Pharmacies and much more. Furthermore, the dedicated pursuit of our objectives led us to expand our prospects and scope of operations outside Qatar as well.

AL RAIS GROUP is proud to represent some of the world’s international companies. This has enabled us to engage in several of the largest and most lucrative projects across Qatar.

 AL RAIS GROUP operates through more than (8) Branches scattered all key areas in Doha, providing our customers a satisfactory services and advices when it comes to Home Appliances. Our Main Products are different types of air-conditioners namely window, split, duct type, portable and free standing, we are also dealing with cookers, refrigerators, washing machine and LCD/LED TV’s.

The success of Al RAIS GROUP is attributed managing change whilst upholding the values of integrity, service and social responsibility. Although we diverse industries and various subsidiaries, our corporate culture remains ingrained in best practices integrity and a results-oriented approach. We are proud of our track record and we will continue to explore further horizons to establish our presence, scale new heights, forge new alliances and continue contribute to Qatar’s Growth.




" To be respected and trusted as most reliable brand in appliances industry in the world. To consistently innovate and grow to set new benchmarks in customer service. To add ethical, incremental value to all stock holders and to be an accountable global corporate citizen. "



  • To be always lead by our VISION.
  • To be a complete customer centric organization.
  • To be sharp focused marketing & sales organization.
  • To achieve optimum efficiencies in every task.
  • To nurture trusted and respected brands.
  • To be a formidable market player in Doha.
  • To capture the hearts & minds of our customer.
  • To fulfill quality / service / value for money promise at all times.
  • To stick to highest standard of professionalism at all levels.
  • To promote & foster an environment of ‘a great place to work’.
  • To be highly focused on cost efficiencies at all levels.

To build effective working relationships with great teams within & outside.